Tropical countries

Weather and climate are two different items. We may have learned from our Social Studies classes the difference between the two of them. Weather is the short term condition of the atmosphere in the place we live in, and may last for hours to days while climate is the long term condition of the atmosphere, which may last decades. This is particularly why we say Climate Change and not weather change.

Climate is classified according to one’s position on Earth using latitudinal lines. By using the Köppen–Geiger climate classification system, we have five climate classifications namely Tropical, Dry, Temperate, Continental and Polar climates, which can somewhat be classified from regions nearest to the equator and farthest from the equator, respectively. Tropical climates are those that have the wet and dry seasons, Dry climates are those that have little to no precipitation, Temperate climates are those that have the four seasons, Continental climates are those that have the four seasons but may have more extreme conditions, and Polar climates are those that reside nearest to the poles where sunlight may last too quick or too long and are extremely cold.

In tropical countries, people are known to be happier than the others because of the natural warm climate that makes people feel cozy. One example is the state of Florida in USA where Hollywood (which should not be mistaken as the Hollywood in California) is found. People who live here are less likely to experience stress despite the busy life. Tampa bay apartments help in the mitigation of stress in this warm state. Dry countries are often where commerce is booming, just like in Dubai, UAE, where commerce is a hot talk. This climate demands heavy work to the people who live in it due to its natural environment of extreme exposure to the sun, though it may not be as humid as tropical countries.

Temperate countries are the most moderate climates to live in. From central to north Florida, the state experiences a temperate climate. Tampa bay in central Florida gives an avenue for workers and entrepreneurs to fulfill their duties with an accommodation from Tampa bay apartments. Continental countries are where peaceful lives are abundant. This naturally all-in-one climate is also a perfect balance for those who want to live in peace with a natural ambience. Lastly, Polar climates are where ice is land and the cold is warmth. Polar Regions are not as likely to sustain life with its natural environment which is in extreme coldness. The sun may rise over a few days or otherwise, which makes it quite a sad place to live.

All in all, climate indeed affects the way we live, though where we live is also a factor for our own adaptation to the environment. Climate is one factor we have to live with throughout our lives, and so, we must choose how to live with it rather than further destroy it, knowing that the world is currently undergoing climate change which brings a halt to our happy lives in this planet.